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Contest Terms & Conditions
The Top Trader is a trading contest offered by ZFX to its Clients under the following Terms and Conditions and is available only to the Battle of The Top Traders; given that the eligibility and other requirements set out herein are satisfied.

How do I join?

For new clients, you need to register a live trading account with ZFX. Meanwhile, existing clients will only be required to log in through MYZFX. Both new and existing clients then need to create a new STP account with leverage up to 1:500.

You need to provide your information on the participation page (Nickname, Account number, and account email). For more details, please refer to our T&C page.

When does the trading period start?

The contest trading period will be from the 26th of September 2022 till the 9th of October.

My account is disabled, can I still participate?

You can enter the MT4 trading platform using the contest login and password AFTER the contest has begun. First of all, check if you’re trying to enter the right trading platform. The Top Trader Contest is only available on MT4. Thereafter, please check if the contest round is active. You can find this information on the main page of your MYZFX. You can see the statuses Not yet started, Active, or Finished in the same rows as the MT4 contest accounts. You can log in to the MT4 trading platform and start trading only if the contest account is marked as active.

Where can I find my contest ranking?

You can find your contest ranking on the contest main page or the Ranking Page. Note that you can search for your current rank by typing in your contest account number or nickname. You will see detailed information such as rank, trades, profit or loss, rank changes, achievements, etc.

Can I join the contest right away after signing up? 

You can still register for the contest as long as the registration period is still open. Please refer to the Info Page for more details.

Who can participate in the contest?

During the registration period, anyone above the legal age and residing in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, or MENA is eligible to register for the contest.

When does registration begin and how long does it last?

The registration period for the contest is from 12th September until 2nd October.


Can I use an existing trading account?

    • You must create a new STP trading account and ensure it complies with the following eligibility rules:
    • No trading history before the start of the contest in the account
    • Minimum first deposit of USD100
    • The account is verified
    • The account is an STP account with a leverage 1:500
    • You must be above the legal age and residing in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, or MENA to be eligible to register for the contest.


Can I participate in the contest if my ZFX account is not verified?

No. You are required to undergo the Account Verification process to attain Verified status.

What are the trading conditions?

You are required to complete the minimum required lot and trade position:
  • Group A: 0.5 standard lot, a minimum of 5 closed trades.
  • Group B: 1 standard lot, a minimum of 10 closed trades.
The minimum initial deposit for the contest is:
  • Group A: US$100
  • Group B: US$200
The leverage for this contest is up to 1:500.


What trading techniques are allowed?

All trading techniques are allowed.

Can I use EA?

Yes, using EA (Expert Advisors) is allowed.

Is trading cryptocurrency available on the weekend?

Yes, in fact, cryptocurrency trading is available 24/7.


Can I withdraw money from my contest account?

No, withdrawing funds from your contest account is not allowed during the contest period. Doing so will result in your participation being terminated.


Can I top up my contest account?

Topping up your account is allowed during the contest period. Please note this will not affect your candidate group.


Does topping up the funds will affect my contest category?

No. Only your initial deposit will be determined by your contest group.


Can I withdraw my balance after the contest end?

Yes, you can withdraw them after the contest ends. However, if withdrawal is initiated when the contest is commencing, you will be disqualified.

Where can I find my contest rank?

You can find a detailed and live rankings chart on this page.


Where can I see contest ratings and check the round leaders?

You can find a detailed and live rankings chart on this page.


How can I find contest stats for another contestant?

You can find a detailed and live rankings chart on this page.

What are the prizes?

A detailed breakdown of the prizes can be found here.

How do I win?

You win by getting the highest profitability in your category during the trading period.

How do I receive the prize money if I win?

You will receive your prize money directly via your trading contest account.

How quickly will I receive the prize money?

Money prizes will be sent to your contest trading account shortly after the contest has ended.

Can I withdraw the prize if I win?

Yes, you can withdraw the prize money at any time once you have received it.

When will the prizes be delivered?

The prizes will be delivered within 3 days after the contest period.

Is the winner prize in cash?

All money prizes are given out in US dollars and paid in the winners’ trading contest account.

Are winners decided by Balance or Equity?

Winners are decided based on profitability.